TanaLink was created for planters, by planters.

our TEAM

Cheong Sung Yan

Chairman – Board Of Directors

Cheong is an Oil Palm Planter and Investor & was instrumental in the founding of Tanalink. He has over 30 years of experience in the Oil Palm industry.

Soraya Alkaff

esg/Csr aDVISOR

Suraya is Founder & Executive Director of Cahaya Surya Bakti. A member of the founding family, Soraya has extensive experience in the NGO sector and has joined us to help lead our ESG/CSR strategy.

Patrick Martinent


Patrick is a Tech Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience building cutting edge software solutions for large stakeholders, including governments & large corporations.

Leon Chong


Leon is an IT Entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience supporting oil palm plantations in the IT field. He has led the field implementation of Tanalink’s systems since the company was founded.



Dr. Martti Tammi (PhD) has over 25 years of data analysis and AI experience globally, including leading a bioinformatics research unit with key oil palm player Sime Darby.



Agri Technology Entrepreneur and globetrotter with 7+ years experience building digital solutions and products with a fine eye for details and UX.



Huy is a Senior Software Developer with extensive experience building complex web applications and platforms for flaky network settings.

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The Tanalink Advantage

Ensure a Fair Workplace

With Tanalink, planters are able to monitor each worker throughout their workday, how many plants they have harvested, and which areas they have covered. This allows planters to compensate workers more fairly, incentivize them to harvest hard to reach areas, and reward workers for work well done, ensuring more equitable workplaces and loyal workers.


With TanaLink, each worker on the plantation is device enabled, which means planters can see the progress of harvesting roles accounted for during each phase and can track the crop through the plantation harvesting cycle.

Environmental Accountability

TanaLink gives planters the data they need to run more efficient plantations, reduce amount of resources used, and improve business operations. This results in less impact on the environment. Additionally, by helping planters detect wildlife presence, TanaLink contributes to animal conservation and can support plantations with wildlife management plans.